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Nanang Sriyadi S.Pd Gr

Nanang Sriyadi S.Pd Gr

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
SMP Negeri 48 Muaro Jambi

Pak Nanang is a teacher in Muaro Jambi Regency, Jambi Province. He has experience teaching at SMP and SMK levels and currently teaches at SMP Negeri 48 Muaro Jambi. Pak Nanang who was born in Central Aceh has many achievements including becoming a Google Certified Trainer Level 1, Quizizz Super Trainer, Nearpod Certified Trainer, Indonesian Innovative Teacher Trainer, and ClassPoint Certified Trainer.

He continuously collaborates with various institutions to invite teachers to use ClassPoint in learning and make youtube tutorials about ClassPoint.

Apart from being a teacher, He also regularly creates YouTube content and regularly writes blogs on He is also active as a speaker in various national activities, one of which is as a trainer for Guru Inovatif Indonesia.

ClassPoint Certified Trainer

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