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Nathawin Siradechtharathip

Nathawin Siradechtharathip

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
The National Institute for Development of Teachers

Teacher Natthawin, also known as Teacher Lek, graduated with a Master's degree from Silpakorn University. Currently, he holds the position of a Senior Professional Level Teacher at the National Institute for Development of Teachers. Beyond being a consistent knowledge provider for fellow teachers, Teacher Lek has numerous nationally acclaimed achievements. Especially noteworthy is his victory in receiving the prestigious award from "THE EDUCATION Thailand" project for the year 2022. "I am fortunate to have played a part in teacher development. I firmly believe that this contribution will help enhance classroom efficiency. Nevertheless, beyond our current responsibilities, I invite each and every teacher to strive for their utmost personal development, as ultimately, everything we do will impact our students. Let's develop ourselves, adopt technology, and create effective classrooms. Teacher Lek concluded."

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