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Nunta Petman

Nunta Petman

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
Mahasarakham Vocational College

Teacher Nunta, or Teacher Nun, graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Ubon Teachers College. Currently, she holds the position of Senior Professional Level Teachers in the Department of Digital Business Technology at Mahasarakham Vocational College, and she is also a trainer at the Teacher Development Institute's Teacher Development Unit at Mahasarakham Vocational College. Teacher Nann has over 30 years of experience in teaching and instructional supervision, particularly in the production of E-Learning courses and online learning management. She continuously shares her knowledge with vocational education personnel and the general public.

"I train not only focuses on ensuring that learners understand the content during the learning process, but I also emphasize the practical application of the knowledge. Every time I conduct training for teachers, I strive to create materials that cover both in-class and post-learning, hoping that every teacher can apply them in real-life situations and maximize the benefits of the knowledge from the training. ClassPoint is another tool that I want teachers to try out. Believe me, it can truly transform your classroom." said Teacher Nann.

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