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Regie Boy B. Fabro

Regie Boy B. Fabro

A little bit about me

Mariano Marcos State University

Sir Regie is a BS Computer Science graduate and has a Master's Degree in Education, further, a PhD candidate with a concentration on Development Education. Honed by his years of experience, he has managed to expose different facades of his professional teaching life and has then become a Leader, Educator, and a Trainer (LET). He is the leader of the Google Educators Group of Ilocos Norte, a DepEd's professional learning community and the founder of the IlocoTech Support Group, a non-profit organization designed to help, support, and assist teachers with ICT-based training programs. Currently, he specializes in teaching ProfEd courses and ICT major subjects at the College of Teacher Education in Mariano Marcos State University.

With his prominence in the teaching landscape, he holds various EdTech certifications including Google for Education Certified Trainer, Edpuzzle Coach, Book Creator Certified Author, Adobe Creative Educator Levels 1 & level 2, Wakelet Leader, Google Certified Educator Levels 1 & 2, Microsoft Educator, Prezi Educator, and Microsoft Innovative Trainer.

Extending his vision in touching the lives of fellow educators, he has become a key trainer in helping improve teachers' ICT competence on local, national, and international levels. In the belief that teachers need to be capacitated and connected to all aspects of professional developments along ICT, Sir Regie makes it his mission to help teachers thrive with technologies for instruction in light with the changing spectrum of education.

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