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Riahi Hédia

Riahi Hédia

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
Menzel Abderahmen elementary school
  • Distinguished Senior Professor of Foreign Languages
  • Certified trainer with: The Tunisian Association for Educational Initiatives at Technogic Sohag,At Al-Ahram International Foundation, the team Microsoft Palestine, the education team brings us together / we are the initiators to the top
  • The ambassador of many global platforms: Bouncee, wakelet, T4AMBASSADOR, owlypia, Iqra foundation
  • Member, Trainer, Lecturer and Arbitrator for the Arab Programming Week Award 2021
  • Recipient of the Best Achieved Teacher Award for the year 2021 and the Libya 100 Initiatives Award
  • Microsoft Certified Master Trainer,Master teacher
  • Certified Educator with Flipgrid, Edmodo, Nearpod, kamiMote,,Book creator, Adobe Educators
  • Recipient of the National and European Prize for the digital school for two years and the poet of the digital school

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