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Rosemarie D. Abecia

Rosemarie D. Abecia

A little bit about me

Instructional Coach
DepEd Educational Technology Unit
EdTech Specialist

Dr. Rosemarie is an EdTech Specialist in ICTS EdTech Unit and a Senior High School Teacher III at Marangal National High School. Specializing in ICT Tech-Voc, she redefines teaching practices by integrating technologically-advanced techniques into the subjects she teach including Programming, Animation, and other related areas. Bagging 27 years of teaching experience, Dr. Rosemarie has managed to teach students of all levels ranging from Kindergarten up to Doctoral Degree candidates.

Holding a tight affiliation with the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators, her game-changing journey in education has no other way to go but up. Given her exceptional record as an innovator, Microsoft has given her prestigious recognitions including being a Microsoft Education Ambassador, Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, and Microsoft Power Business Intelligence Apps and Automate Trainer.

As a powerhouse, Dr. Rosemarie has managed to master specific areas of study and has then, been a multi-Doctorate degree holder as a Doctor of Education in Industrial Education Management, Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management, and Doctor of Information Technology. With her strong pursuit in attaining optimal student experience by teaching ICT Tech-Voc to her students, she has been named the National Core Leader of Open Educational Resources and the National Chief Trainer under DepEd’s Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction, as well as Bureau of Learning and Delivery.

Highly regarded as an ironwoman, Dr. Rosemarie flourishes in many more different areas outside teaching. She is a writer, evaluator, validator, and a layout artist of National, Regional, and Division-made instructional materials for the Department of Education. On top of all this, she actively engages herself in humanitarian work thru Franciscan Youth Movement’s socio-civic and community projects.

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