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Santiphap Masa

Santiphap Masa

A little bit about me

Pattani Industrial and Community Education College
Electronics Engineering

Teacher Santiphap has a strong passion for teaching technology. He is a good role model in pursuing new knowledge to be conveyed to other teachers until receiving many academic awards and honorary awards whether it is the Award of Leader teacher in teaching innovation from the OBEC; Kru Dee Sri Archiwha from VEC; Kurusadudee Award from KSP etc. He is also certified as Microsoft Innovator Educator Expert and Google Certified Educator.

Teacher Santiphap graduated master's degree in Education service from Prince of Songkla University, currently holding the position of Head of Department of Electronics, Pattani Vocational College. He begin his journey to becoming a CCT by continuing to participate in activities with ClassPoint as well as participating in the ClassPoint School Coach program until passed the CCT process.

“I am always searching for new tools to be used in the classroom until I found ClassPoint, which fully meets all my needs. Therefore, I love to share it with other teachers. If you also love sharing teaching knowledge, the CSC program is another project that I would like to recommend you to join," said Teacher Santiphap.

ClassPoint Certified Trainer

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