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Suminarsih Nakiya S.Pd

Suminarsih Nakiya S.Pd

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
SMAN 1 Belik

Ibu Suminarsih is a Physics teacher from Pemalang, Central Java. This teacher born in Kulonprogo is active in sharing the knowledge he has gained by successfully publishing 12 books. Currently, Ibu Suminarsih teaches at a high school in Central Java, namely SMA Negeri 1 Belik.

With her success in publishing 12 books which are certainly beneficial for education in Indonesia, Ibu Suminarsih is also active in distributing training including through:

  1. Educator Level 2 (Google Master Trainer)
  2. ClassPoint School Coach
  3. ClassPoint Certified Trainer

ClassPoint Certified Trainer

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