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Tawan Sangthong

Tawan Sangthong

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
Kanchananukhro School

Kru Tawan, also known as Kru Tony, is a versatile figure who excels in multiple roles. He is a trusted speaker and moderator for various organizations, but his most important role is still a happy teacher. Currently pursuing a master's degree in Educational Administration, Faculty of Education at Silpakorn University, he also serves as a government teacher at Kanchananukroh School in Kanchanaburi Province.

As the owner of "Kru Tony English - English and Inspiration" page, he regularly shares his teaching ideas and knowledge, particularly related to English. His dedication to teaching has earned him numerous national-level awards from both public and private sectors, including the prestigious OBEC AWARDS in the category of Excellent Teacher and the 2nd runner-up award for teaching English from the Brand's Tutor Summer Camp project.

For Teacher Tony, the key to effective teaching is to provide students with knowledge that they can apply in real life, without simply memorizing information. He strongly believes in this approach and strives to share it with his fellow teachers.

"I always aim to create a learning environment that promotes students' understanding and focuses on their ability to apply what they learn," Teacher Tony explains. "I will continue to work towards this goal, and share my experiences and ideas with other educators."

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