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Zaenab Rahman

Zaenab Rahman

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
SMK Negeri 4 Gowa

Bu Dra. Hj. Zaenab Rahman M.Si is a physics teacher at SMKN 4 Gowa, she is also the Head of the Laboratory and Lessons Coordinator at the same school.

She is very passionate about teaching and gives influences other teachers to ease their teaching experience. She’s actively sharing and conducting training nationally through a few teacher communities like IGI, she’s also Head of Vocation Chemist MGMP and Head of JSDI - Indonesia's Digital Schoo l Network in Gowa Regency. She’s an author of numerous book lessons and literature.

Before becoming a ClassPoint Certified Trainer, she was also a ClassPoint School Coach. She is also a part of IGI Gowa Committee, 2nd Regional Coordinator of PPSI South Sulawesi as well as the Vice Chairman of Gumun - Teacher of the Archipelago (Guru Mengajar Untuk Nusantara).

Together with ClassPoint, Bu Zaenab will be the education hero who will shape future classes with her students and influence other teachers to create interactive classes with ClassPoint.

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