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Zeinab Othman Abd ALLAH

Zeinab Othman Abd ALLAH

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
Hadiya secondary school for girls
  • Computer teacher, Ministry of Education in Kuwait
  • Certified Educational Trainer - Kuwait International Center for Consultation and Training
  • ICQ8 Certified Senior Professional Trainer
  • Microsoft Certified Expert Educator 2021-2022
  • Certified International Trainer International Center for Vocational Training and Qualification - 2021
  • Professional international coach accreditation of the American College of Pennsylvania for Vocational Training 2021
  • Training expert accreditation of the British Birmingham College for Vocational Training 2021
  • Designer and developer of the school electronic control program
  • ClassPoint School Coach
  • Wakelet Community Leader Certified.
  • Nearpod Certified
  • Nearpod Advanced Certified

ClassPoint Certified Trainer

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