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Interact with your slide to deliver an impactful presentation

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Convert visual elements to Draggable Objects on your slide

Freely move elements around during an active slideshow and make visual presentations even more interesting! Gone are the days of being stuck with a static layout - now, you have the flexibility to rearrange your content on the fly without having to switch back to Edit Mode just to make changes. Make your presentations more dynamic and engaging with Draggable Objects!



Draggable Objects can be a collaborative avenue for teachers and students to do sorting activities. For one, having students visually group items into different categories can be a great measure on memory and recall by involving them in the sorting process, enhancing the way they decide whether cognitively or emotionally. These sorting activities provide a fun and interactive way for students to practice decision-making skills.


Randomize text stamps on a slide and turn it into an interactive activity by letting students command you on where to put proper labels. Have them label the parts of a plant onto a diagram, or correctly identify the parts of the human body. These activities provide direct collaboration between you and your students as you let them take control of the information they know, which you can provide feedback right after.


Practice and reinforce knowledge by hosting matching type activities using Draggable Objects. Challenge the way your students connect pieces of information by manipulating an activity where students are required to match one item to another, helping them engage their senses which in turn makes the learning process more enjoyable.


Fuel excitement in the classroom by creating quizzes that involve revealing the correct answers. Do this even without student devices and make guessing games based off of facts, surveys, or pre-made questionnaires even more suspenseful and exciting. Easily make reveals live during a presentation and keep students on their toes as they anticipate correct answers hidden under Draggable Objects.

Use it the way you want

As quick and easy-to-use Draggable Objects is, the use cases that may stem from its function are endless. Feel free to use it as a presentation tool or as a special touch to your interactive activities. Pair it with another ClassPoint feature and see how you can transform the way you deliver classroom discussions with Draggable Objects!

Use Way two

How to use ClassPoint’s Draggable Objects

Take full control of your presentation. Learn more about Draggable Objects here.



ClassPoint’s Draggable Objects feature transforms any objects to be draggable on your slide live in slideshow. During presentation mode, click on Draggable Objects from the toolbar and freely move your drag enabled objects.
In Edit Mode, click Draggable Objects in the Inknoe ClassPoint tab. Proceed to select all the presentation elements you want to convert and toggle on “Drag Enabled” in the Side Panel. Learn more by watching this tutorial.
Draggable Objects serves as a tool to aid you, as a presenter, deliver dynamic presentations by freely moving elements around during slideshow. This feature is not an interactive quizzing tool in which students can interact with from their devices. Only the presenter can make use of Draggable Objects.
You can ‘drag enable’ any shape, image, text, etc. as long as it is not an animated object.
If you are on Basic account, you can only convert 3 Draggable Objects per slide. If you are on Pro, there is no limit to the number of Draggable Objects you may have.

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