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Let us automate the way you run Fill in the Blanks in PowerPoint

Unlike traditional Fill in the Blanks on pen and paper, ClassPoint’s Fill in the Blanks allows teachers to have participants submit single word answers right from PowerPoint. Teachers are not only able to maximize full participation, but also get to automatically grade submissions with every correct answer set for each question. Unlock a new way to engage your students and ensure superb participation with Fill in the Blanks!

Teacher Device

No choices, no clues

Make students come up with answers, minus the unintentional clues! Create tricky question slides and directly turn it into an automated Fill in the Blanks activity right inside PowerPoint.

Designate number of blanks

Set correct answer/s

Review submissions real-time

Award stars

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Student device

Decision-making plus the time pressure

Following the play options set per each question, students can write responses depending on the number of blanks designated. Tick-tock on the clock! Responses should be submitted before the timer ends or whenever submissions are manually closed.

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Fill in the blanks, the ClassPoint way

It’s not a ClassPoint activity without the added flexibility. See how you can maximize Fill in the Blanks with these quick question options.

Automated scoring

Set correct answers, appoint the number of blanks, and let our fully engineered algorithm do the scoring for you. With 100% accuracy on reviewing responses, cut the fear for risk of errors in grading.

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One-view activity responses

Efficiently review all responses in a single view to identify patterns or trends in the way your students respond to particular questions. Easily provide immediate feedback on current activity standing by viewing each student’s submitted responses versus correct answers.

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Multiple correct answers

Create room for multiple correct answers on possible spelling, grammatical number, or word placement variations that are most frequently mixed up, however, correct. By giving room for multiple correct answers, improve learning outcomes by reinforcing critical thinking rather than just requiring textbook-based word structures and spelling.

Use case 1

Custom activity designing

Save the manual and traditional activity creation for later and directly design your next Fill in the Blanks activity right in PowerPoint. Create your slide, add an FITB button, customize play options, and you’re good to go!

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Enhance the student learning process with Fill in the Blanks

Require students to actively engage with text by analyzing and synthesizing information. Here are key development areas you can nurture with Fill in the Blanks.

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Knowledge retention

By nature, FITB activities encourage active learning and critical thinking. When students are asked to fill in the blanks in a text or passage, they are required to recall and apply their knowledge in order to correctly complete the task which in turn, reinforces their ability to remember it by retention.

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Lesson mastery

Unlike other objective quizzes, FITB types eliminate the possibility of students guessing for answers. This creates the need for students to improve their mastery of a lesson by identifying and focusing on the key points of any learning material.

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Level of Understanding

Contrary to its objective nature, fill in the blanks can be used in subjective assessments where students are expected to showcase what they know or understand. This can be a good way to test students' understanding of the material and their ability to apply knowledge to new contexts.

How to use ClassPoint’s Fill in the Blanks

See fill in the Blanks in action and turn your slides into interactive FITB question for students.



With ClassPoint’s Fill in the Blanks, you can easily create FITB activities right in PowerPoint. Design an activity slide and customize your question settings by selecting the number of blanks that need to be filled, and setting correct answer/s if you have! Once you are live in class & run your question, your students can fill in the blanks from their devices and submit their answers back to your PowerPoint.
You may set up to 5 blanks for students to fill per each question slide!
Yes! To set multiple correct answers in a single blank, press the “Enter” or “Tab” key after each entry. You may only set up to 5 correct answers per blank. In the response window, toggle to highlight the correct answers
Since FITB answers are single-worded by nature, the allowed maximum number of characters per answer is set to 30 only.
You may view a summary showing correct count and rate for each blank when you toggle on “Show correct answer” after submissions are closed.

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