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Ad-hoc quick polls in PowerPoint

Engage your audience with quick polls in PowerPoint. No need to switch between apps or screens.

Quick Poll in PowerPoint

Run a quick poll in PowerPoint without any preparation.

Simple, quick, and effective.

Premade templates

Choose from three premade templates to get started quickly.

Quick customization

Customize your number of poll options on the fly, without any preparation.

Save as slide

Save your poll RESULTS as a slide for after-session review.

True or False

True or false? It's that simple.

Ease into testing understanding or gain a general consensus in the matter of seconds with true or false. With a 50% chance of getting it right and a push for simpler data results, true or false is friendly, effective, inside your presentation to be used anytime.

True or False


It's not always yes or no. Sometimes it's unsure.

When you need to know the level of confidence in your audience, use the yes/no/unsure poll. This poll is perfect for gauging the level of understanding in your audience. It is also a great way to get a quick consensus on a topic.

Yes No quick poll


Do you agree? Do you disagree?

Get your audience to agree or disagree with a statement. This poll is perfect for getting a quick consensus on a topic. It is also a great way to get a quick understanding of your audience's opinion on a topic.

5 levels feedback poll


2 options? 3 options? or 6 options? You decide.

Quickly select number of options you want to poll on the fly. It's up to you to define what each options represent.

Customize number of options in quick poll

Save as slide

Easily save poll results as a slide

Save your poll results as a slide for after-session review.

Save quick poll results as slide

Use cases

Some ways to use Quick Poll in PowerPoint

Quick poll is there for you whenever you need, however you need it. And, the types of questions to pose or ways to use it are flexible to your needs.

Check for understanding

If you want to check for understanding with data, run a quick poll. Use True/False or a custom multiple choice poll to see/gauge where your class is at.

Gather feedback

Whether you want feedback on your presentation, on a topic at hand, or to collect opinions, quick poll can help you gather feedback and present it visually.

Draw conclusions

Use quick poll’s automated graph to collect a group opinion and make a conclusion out of the majority.

Gauge sentiment

Check in with your audience to understand their opinion & feelings on the matter. And keep it anonymous by simply viewing the results.

Settle a debate

While opinions are welcome, sometimes differing ones need to settle into a decision to move forward. Run a quick poll to make it easy and unanimous.

Exit tickets

Before class ends use quick poll as an exit ticket! Ask a question within your learning objective to get them to apply their knowledge one more time.

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