How to Create QR Codes in PowerPoint

Sara Wanasek

Sara Wanasek

How to Create QR Codes in PowerPoint

Sharing shortcut: create QR codes in PowerPoint! If you are speaking at a conference, doing training, or speaking in the classroom, instead of collecting everyone’s email to share your slides, a survey, or extra information, use a QR Code! Your audience can scan the code to be taken right to the information instead of waiting for an email from you later.  

In this article, there are two different ways to create QR codes in PowerPoint: 

  1. To share information within the presentation  
  1. To share the entire PowerPoint at the end of a presentation 

Skip head or use both depending on what you are looking to share! The first is for sharing any added external information with your audience, like leading them to a survey, activity, video, or extra instructions you want them to take a look at, and the second way allows you to share your entire PPT file as a PDF to your audience via QR code. 

How to Create QR Codes to Share Information 

What you need: QR4Office PowerPoint add-in 

First up, to begin creating a custom QR code to share any information with our audience, you will first need the QR4Office PowerPoint add-in. In PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab, then click Get Add-In, and search “QR”. Find QR4Office and select it. 

create QR code with QR4Office Add-in

Now, in your add-ins, you see QR4Office. The Microsoft Store has a ton of add-ins, and we have actually rounded up our favorite PowerPoint add-ins if you want to discover more! The side panel will open and you can begin creating your QR code. Copy the link to the information you want to share with your audience. This could be a survey, a video, an activity, extra reading, etc. Then, just paste the link into the box.

Next to the box, you will see the drop-down menu containing the different types of links or information that you can turn into a QR code. Select the type of link you are using. (You can select Custom if you are not sure.)  

Now, you can customize the color and size of the QR code as needed. Once you are ready, hit OK and the QR code will be placed on your slide. Now, your audience can scan the code right from your presentation and get the extra information. (You will be able to edit size and location once it is on your slide too!) 

This QR4Office add-in can also be used in Excel and Word! Also, these QR codes are an image, so feel free to copy and paste where you please outside of PowerPoint.  

Create a QR Code to Share PowerPoint as PDF 

What you need: ClassPoint PowerPoint add-in 

Presenting to a new audience? Guest speaker? If you want to skip the hassle of sending your PowerPoint or the resources it contains via email, just share it directly with your audience!

To simply share your PowerPoint file as a PDF at the end of your presentation, use ClassPoint’s Share PDF feature. ClassPoint is an audience engagement PowerPoint add-in to help teachers & presenters improve teaching with PowerPoint. It is free to download, so once you do that, you will be able to instantly share your PowerPoint file with your audience from ClassPoint’s added Tab in the PowerPoint ribbon.

When your presentation has ended and you want to share your file with your audience to review click on the Inknoe ClassPoint tab in the PowerPoint ribbon. Then, click the Share PDF icon. A QR code will appear on the screen for your audience to scan and save a PDF version of your PowerPoint presentation. No collection of emails is necessary.

Just wait, it gets even easier! If you are using ClassPoint’s activities to collect live responses with your audience, then your audience will need to join your class code. If they have joined your class, you can simply share the PowerPoint PDF directly to their joined device without them needing to scan a QR code. This is really great if you do not like to go into PowerPoint Edit Mode in front of your audience. To avoid sharing edit mode, disconnect from the projector or stop sharing your screen when you are finished presenting, then go ahead and exit presentation mode and click the Share PDF icon in the Inknoe ClassPoint ribbon. Now, anyone who has joined your class will automatically receive your PPT file on the spot, and can choose to save it, no scanning is needed! 

Now you know how to create QR codes in PowerPoint! Use these two ways to create QR codes to share any information needed with your audience. Convenient and quick, there is no hassle to get everything done right inside PowerPoint. For more Microsoft and PowerPoint tips and tricks, check out these articles:  

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