Live Q&A in PowerPoint: Tips for a Successful Question and Answer Session

Sara Wanasek

Sara Wanasek

Live Q&A in PowerPoint: Tips for a Successful Question and Answer Session

The time of reading bullet points from your PowerPoint slides is over. Now, by engaging your audience during presentations by encouraging them to ask questions, you’ll not only grab their attention but also ensure they retain the information better. The good news is – you can now add live Q&A in PowerPoint directly! This approach allows your audience to voice their queries in real time so that everyone can see/hear them, ensuring a more interactive and engaging experience.

Integrating a live Q&A in PowerPoint presentations can significantly boost audience interaction. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and conducting a successful live Q&A session in PowerPoint, ensuring a more engaging and interactive presentation experience.

Why Add a Live Q&A Session in PowerPoint?

Q&A in PowerPoint

Adding a live Q&A in PowerPoint is an excellent way to engage your audience and answer the questions you know they will have. It allows for: 

  • Real-Time Feedback and Interaction to keep the audience engaged and attentive.
  • Seamless Integration to review questions directly within PowerPoint without having to leave your presentation.
  • Flexibility to address questions at a convenient time to maintain the natural presentation flow.
  • Enhanced Understanding to clarify and delve deeper into topics of interest.
  • Audience Engagement to show value in audience input.

Activate Live Q&A in PowerPoint

For a seamless Q&A session in PowerPoint, you’ll need the right tools. The setup is a one-time process, after which you’ll have access to the Q&A feature in every PowerPoint presentation.

To use this feature, you’ll need the PowerPoint add-in ClassPoint. It integrates directly with PowerPoint, allowing you to add interactive questions, polls, Q&A sessions, and more.

Q&A in PowerPoint by ClassPoint

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Sign up, download, and install ClassPoint from 
  2. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  3. Sign in to ClassPoint 
  4. Begin Presenting
  5. Invite your Audience to join the class and submit questions 
  6. Review the Questions

Below we walk you through more details on getting your audience joined in and where to review the questions. 

NOTE: ClassPoint’s Q&A feature is only for the Premium Plan. For acces to the Premium Plan, learn more by filling out the form below!

Learn More About ClassPoint Premium

ClassPoint Premium is available for organizations and school. Fill out the form for more information about exclusive features and pricing.

Conducting Your Own Live Q&A Session in PowerPoint

Once you’ve set up ClassPoint in your PowerPoint session, ensure your audience knows how to ask their questions, and you know how to review them.

To allow your audience to submit their questions, invite them to join the class. Click on the class code in the top right-hand corner to show the QR code. The audience can scan the code to join or type in the class code and their name at

Q&A in PowerPoint by ClassPoint

After joining, they can see the Q&A button at the bottom of their screen. Throughout your presentation, they can click this button to submit their questions or review other questions that have been asked.

Any question can be given a thumbs up to indicate that other people have the same question. 

Q&A in PowerPoint by ClassPoint

While you are presenting, you will see the Q&A icon on the ClassPoint Toolbar. A red dot will appear on the icon if questions have been submitted.

Q&A in PowerPoint

Review the questions and mark them as answered to keep things organized.

Q&A in PowerPoint by ClassPoint

You can also choose when you want this Q&A feature available. At any time, click on the Q&A icon to disable/enable it. 

Q&A in PowerPoint by ClassPoint

And that is all there is to it! The easiest way to set up a live Q&A in PowerPoint for your audience.

Pro Tip: After the session, share a summary of the Q&A with your audience. This could include a list of questions and answers, additional resources, or a recording of the session.

Alternative Ways to Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Interactive

1. Check Points through Interactive Quizzes

To check your audience’s understanding, you can prepare the interactive questions ahead of your presentation for a stress-free flow. 

ClassPoint has 8 different question types ranging from Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blanks, and Word Cloud, to media upload questions like image, video, and audio upload. 

Use the question type that fits your needs and use the steps below to learn how to use it: 

Step 1: Set Up the Question 

Add a slide and type out your question. Don’t forget the answer choices if it is Multiple Choice!

Interactive Quizzes in PowerPoint

Add the corresponding ClassPoint question button to your slide. In the ClassPoint tab of the PowerPoint ribbon, click on the icon of the question type needed. Customize the question in the Side Panel to fit your needs.

Interactive Quizzes in PowerPoint

Step 2: Run the Question 

Excellent! Let’s get responses from the audience. Ensure they are joined in the class to answer the questions and submit their questions fo the live Q&A session. 

When you get to the question slide, click on the button to start receiving responses. Watch as responses come in live. 

Interactive Quizzes in PowerPoint by ClassPoint

Step 3: Review the Results 

Once all the submissions are in, close the question and begin reviewing!

ClassPoint multiple choice

Insert a submission as a slide in your presentation to discuss or annotate on top of it. 

ClassPoint multiple choice
Don't forget to reward your students with stars, levels and badges, to encourage more participation! Try these 50 other ways to use interactive quizzes in your presentation!

2. Collect Audience Opinions and Feedback through Instant Quick Polls 

Before the presentation is over, perhaps you want feedback from your audience about the presentation. This helps you understand what worked well and what could be improved for future presentations.

To quickly gather feedback or collect audience opinions, you can use ClassPoint’s Quick Poll question type. 

ClassPoint quiz poll

This question type needs no preparation – just click on the Quick Poll icon on the toolbar during slide show mode, then choose a poll type. Your audience can then submit their response right away for instant feedback. 

quick poll in PowerPoint
Pro Tip: Quick polls are also perfect for hybrid learning or flipped classroom teachings to gather live responses on online presentations.

3. Spice Up the Quiz Experience with ClassPoint AI Questions

Thinking of having ad-hoc quizzes during your presentation but don’t want to spend time preparing them? ClassPoint AI can be your perfect companion! ClassPoint AI will analyze the slide you want to ask a question about and come up with a question for you. 

ClassPoint AI

To use ClassPoint AI, enter your slideshow and on the slide with your information for your question, click on the AI button on the toolbar. 

ClassPoint AI

Be sure to customise your question options before generating. Choose between Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Fill-in-the-Blanks, or a combination of any of the three. Then, you can select an output language and the level of question-based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

ClassPoint AI

Generate and watch as the AI comes up with a question for you. Save the question as a slide and it will automatically be put into your slideshow with editable text boxes so that you can update it to match the rest of your presentation. 

ClassPoint AI quiz generator

Then when you present you can get live responses from your audience. 

ClassPoint AI responses
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Your Turn to Create an Interactive Q&A in PowerPoint!

Incorporating a live Q&A in PowerPoint can transform a one-way lecture into an engaging, interactive dialogue. By following the tips and best practices outlined in this guide, you can ensure a seamless and successful Q&A experience.

To better prepare for a live Q&A session in your next presentation, here’s a handy guide: 350 Q&A questions to expect for any presentations to help you ace any upcoming presentations you have!

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