Are You A True-Blue Swiftie: 2024 Taylor Swift Quiz and Answers (From All 11 Eras!)

Ausbert Generoso

Ausbert Generoso

Are You A True-Blue Swiftie: 2024 Taylor Swift Quiz and Answers (From All 11 Eras!)

Taylor Swift has been taking the world by storm—quite literally. With historic chart achievements, shattered records, and widespread critical acclaim, it’s no wonder Barbara Walters once proclaimed, “Taylor Swift is the music industry.”

Despite a turbulent battle for music royalties after Scooter Braun’s dirty handling of her masters, Taylor Swift completely flipped the narrative, re-recording all six albums that had been stolen from her. This paved the way for Swift to relive her past eras with millions of fans across the globe through her record-breaking Eras Tour.

Adding another era to her illustrious career with the recent arrival of her new album The Tortured Poets Department, it’s the perfect time to celebrate all things Taylor. And while we’re talking about “eras,” why not put your Swiftie knowledge to the test with a Taylor Swift quiz that spans from her debut album to The Tortured Poets Departmentwinks in Taylor’s version 😉

Taylor Swift Quiz: Debut Album Version

Question 1:

What was the lead single from Taylor Swift’s debut album?

A. “Picture To Burn”

B. “Our Song”

C. “Tim McGraw” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Teardrops on My Guitar”

Question 2:

In which year was Taylor Swift’s debut album Taylor Swift released?

A. 2004

B. 2005

C. 2006 (⭐ Correct)

D. 2007

Question 3:

What song from Taylor Swift’s debut album features the lyrics: “So go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy”?

A. “Teardrops on My Guitar”

B. “Picture to Burn” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Should’ve Said No”

D. “A Place in This World”

Question 4:

Which song from the debut album was inspired by Taylor Swift’s unrequited love for a senior boy in high school named Drew?

A. “Teardrops on My Guitar” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Cold as You”

C. “Stay Beautiful”

D. “Tied Together with a Smile”

Question 5:

Which song from Taylor Swift became Swift’s first Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100?

A. “Our Song”

B. “Tim McGraw”

C. “Should’ve Said No”

D. “Teardrops on My Guitar” (⭐ Correct)

Question 6:

How many singles were released from Taylor Swift’s debut album?

A. Four singles

B. Five singles (⭐ Correct)

C. Three singles

D. Six singles

Question 7:

Which single from Taylor Swift did Swift reveal to have been specifically written for a high school talent show during her ninth grade?

A. “Our Song” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Tim McGraw”

C. “Picture to Burn”

D. “Stay Beautiful”

Question 8:

What honor did Taylor Swift receive from the Academy of Country Music (ACM) for her debut album?

A. Album of the Year

B. Female Vocalist of the Year

C. New Female Vocalist of the Year (⭐ Correct)

D. Songwriter of the Year

Question 9:

Which of these tracks is included in the deluxe edition of the Taylor Swift album?

A. “Cold As You”

B. “I’m Only Me When I’m with You” (⭐ Correct)

C. “A Place In This World”

D. “Stay Beautiful”

Question 10:

Which song from Taylor Swift features the lyric, “You have a way of coming easily to me”?

A. “A Place in This World”

B. “Cold as You” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Should’ve Said No”

D. “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)”

Taylor Swift Quiz: Fearless Version

Question 11:

Which song from Fearless was inspired by Taylor Swift’s experience of her slowly realizing insincere apologies from an ex-lover?

A. “Fifteen”

B. “You’re Not Sorry” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Forever & Always”

D. “White Horse”

Question 12:

How many Grammy Awards did Fearless win, and which notable award did it receive?

A. Three; Best Country Album

B. Four; Best Pop Vocal Album

C. Four; Album of the Year (⭐ Correct)

D. Two; Best New Artist

Question 13:

Which track on Fearless was originally released as a promotional single and features lyrics about a girl secretly admiring a boy?

A. “Come In With the Rain”

B. “Untouchable”

C. “Superstar”

D. “You Belong with Me” (⭐ Correct)

Question 14:

What is the name of the fictional character who inspired the song “Hey Stephen” from Fearless?

A. Stephenie Meyer

B. Stephen Barker Liles (⭐ Correct)

C. Stephen King

D. Stephen Colbert

Question 15:

Which song from Fearless features the lyrics, “This ain’t Hollywood, this is a small town”?

A. “The Best Day”

B. “Change”

C. “White Horse” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Forever & Always”

Question 16:

In which song from Fearless does Taylor Swift describe her high school best friend, Abigail?

A. “Breathe”

B. “Fifteen” (⭐ Correct)

C. “The Way I Loved You”

D. “You’re Not Sorry”

Question 17:

What song from Fearless did Taylor Swift write about her mother, Andrea?

A. “The Best Day” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Change”

C. “Hey Stephen”

D. “Breathe”

Question 18:

Which vault track from Fearless (Taylor’s Version) features Maren Morris?

A. “Don’t You”

B. “Mr. Perfectly Fine”

C. “That’s When”

D. “You All Over Me” (⭐ Correct)

Question 19:

Which song from Fearless includes the lyrics, “We were both young when I first saw you”?

A. “Love Story” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Breathe”

C. “Forever & Always”

D. “Tell Me Why”

Question 10:

What achievement did Fearless (Taylor’s Version) earn upon its release in 2021?

A. Became Taylor Swift’s first album to debut at #1

B. Certified Diamond in the U.S.

C. Became the first re-recorded album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 (⭐ Correct)

D. Won Best Country Album at the Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift Quiz: Speak Now Version

Question 21:

Which song from Speak Now is rumored to be about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Joe Jonas and features the lyrics, “You can plan for a change in the weather and time, but I never planned on you changing your mind”?

A. “Back to December”

B. “Mine”

C. “Innocent”

D. “Last Kiss” (⭐ Correct)

Question 22:

Who were Taylor Swift’s co-writers on Speak Now?

A. John Mayer

B. Max Martin

C. Ed Sheeran

D. None, it’s entirely self-written (⭐ Correct)

Question 23:

Which song from Speak Now features the lyrics, “Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with? The girl in the dress cried the whole way home”?

A. “Sparks Fly”

B. “Dear John” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Better than Revenge”

D. “Enchanted”

Question 24:

Which song from Speak Now did Taylor Swift perform at the 2010 MTV VMAs, addressing Kanye West after the 2009 VMAs incident?

A. “Mine”

B. “Back to December”

C. “Better than Revenge”

D. “Innocent” (⭐ Correct)

Question 25:

Which song from Speak Now includes the lyrics, “She wears high heels, I wear sneakers; she’s cheer captain and I’m on the bleachers”?

A. “You Belong with Me” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Enchanted”

C. “Sparks Fly”

D. “The Story of Us”

Question 26:

Which track from Speak Now was inspired by a love interest Taylor Swift met briefly, only to write the song about that very experience?

A. “Sparks Fly”

B. “Ours”

C. “Enchanted” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Mine”

Question 27:

Which song from Speak Now won Taylor Swift Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance at the 2011 Grammy Awards?

A. “Back to December”

B. “Dear John”

C. “Mean” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Enchanted”

Question 28:

Which song from Speak Now was re-recorded as part of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) and includes a vault track featuring Fall Out Boy?

A. “Mine”

B. “Electric Touch” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Long Live”

D. “Haunted”

Question 29:

Which song from Speak Now is rumored to be about an American singer-songwriter who also was Swift’s past lover?

A. “Sparks Fly”

B. “Dear John” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Last Kiss”

D. “Better than Revenge”

Question 30:

In the song “When Emma Falls in Love” from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), how is Emma referred to in the first part of the song?

A. “Hollywood Starlet”

B. “Enchantress”

C. “Little Miss Sunshine” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Belle of the Ball”

Taylor Swift Quiz: Red Version

Question 31:

In which Red song does Taylor Swift tell a story about meeting someone new on a Wednesday in a café?

A. “Begin Again” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Holy Ground”

C. “All Too Well”

D. “Stay Stay Stay”

Question 32:

How many Billboard Music Awards wins did Taylor bag during the Red era?

A. Eight

B. Eleven (⭐ Correct)

C. Thirteen

D. Fourteen

Question 33:

Which Red song is rumored to reference Swift’s brief relationship with Harry Styles and features the lyrics “I guess you didn’t care, and I guess I liked that”?

A. “22”

B. “Starlight”

C. “The Last Time”

D. “I Knew You Were Trouble” (⭐ Correct)

Question 34:

Which song from Red contains lyrics that allude to a scarf left behind at an ex’s sister’s house?

A. “All Too Well” (⭐ Correct)

B. “State of Grace”

C. “Holy Ground”

D. “Everything Has Changed”

Question 35:

Which version of “All Too Well” did Taylor Swift describe as “an even sadder version of one of the saddest songs she’s ever written”?

A. “All Too Well (Lonely With Version)”

B. “All Too Well (Sad Girl Autumn Version)” (⭐ Correct)

C. “All Too Well (Cabin in Candlelight Version)”

D. “All Too Well (Sad Countryside Version)”

Question 36:

Which song from Red did Taylor Swift co-write with Jack Antonoff and showcases a synth-pop vibe?

A. “State of Grace”

B. “Everything Has Changed”

C. “Sweeter than Fiction” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Starlight”

Question 37:

Which vault track from Red (Taylor’s Version) is a duet featuring Phoebe Bridgers and talks about regrets in relationships?

A. “Nothing New”

B. “Run”

C. “The Very First Night”

D. “Nothing New” (⭐ Correct)

Question 38:

Which Red (Taylor’s Version) vault track has a wedding-themed music video?

A. “Sad Beautiful Tragic”

B. “I Bet You Think About Me” (⭐ Correct)

C. “State of Grace”

D. “The Last Time”

Question 39:

What special gift did Taylor Swift give her fans upon the release of Red (Taylor’s Version), linked to a beloved vault track?

A. Exclusive concert tickets

B. A short film for “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” (⭐ Correct)

C. Personal autographs on vinyl copies

D. A digital meet-and-greet

Question 40:

Which Red (Taylor’s Version) vault track features Ed Sheeran and includes nostalgic lyrics reflecting on a youthful romance?

A. “Run” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Forever Winter”

C. “The Very First Night”

D. “Message in a Bottle”

Taylor Swift Quiz: 1989 Version

Question 41:

Which song served as the lead single from 1989?

A. “Style”

B. “Wildest Dreams”

C. “Shake It Off” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Clean”

Question 42:

Which symbol has Taylor closely associated the visuals of 1989 with?

A. Seagulls (⭐ Correct)

B. Doves

C. Cats

D. Eagles

Question 43:

Which 1989 song had a viral moment with lyrics being mispronounced as “Starbucks lovers”?

A. “Out of the Woods”

B. “Blank Space” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Style”

D. “Wildest Dreams”

Question 44:

Which 1989 track is rumored to be about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Harry Styles and includes the lyrics, “You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye”?

A. “Welcome to New York”

B. “Blank Space”

C. “Style” (⭐ Correct)

D. “I Know Places”

Question 45:

What achievement did Taylor Swift’s 1989 earn, making her the first woman to achieve it at the time?

A. First woman to win Album of the Year at the Grammys twice (⭐ Correct)

B. First woman to have a single debut at #1

C. First woman to have 10 songs in the Hot 100 simultaneously

D. First woman to headline an all-female tour

Question 46:

Which 1989 vault track includes lyrics reflecting on a brief but intense relationship that mentions fast forwarding to 300 takeout coffees later?

A. “New Romantics”

B. “Is It Over Now?” (⭐ Correct)

C. “You Are In Love”

D. “Wonderland”

Question 47:

Which song opens 1989?

A. “Welcome to New York” (⭐ Correct)

B. “All You Had to Do Was Stay”

C. “How You Get the Girl”

D. “This Love”

Question 48:

Which city stop in the Eras tour did Taylor announce the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version)?

A. Las Vegas

B. Arizona

C. Los Angeles (⭐ Correct)

D. Singapore

Question 49:

Which 1989 vault track topped the Billboard Hot 100?

A. “Is It Over Now?” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Now That We Don’t Talk”

C. “Suburban Legends”

D. “Slut!”

Question 50:

Which 1989 song features the lyrics, “Say you’ll see me again, even if it’s just in your wildest dreams”?

A. “Wildest Dreams” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Out of the Woods”

C. “Wonderland”

D. “Style”

Taylor Swift Quiz: Reputation Version

Question 51:

Which Reputation track features the lyrics, “I bury hatchets, but I keep maps of where I put ’em,” and includes references to her infamous feuds?

A. “King of My Heart”

B. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

C. “End Game” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Gorgeous”

Question 52:

Which symbol has Taylor closely associated the visuals of Reputation with?

A. Bats

B. Snakes (⭐ Correct)

C. Tigers

D. Sharks

Question 53:

Which song from Reputation did Taylor Swift use as the opening number for her Reputation Stadium Tour, complete with futuristic visuals?

A. “End Game”

B. “Dress”

C. “…Ready for It?” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Delicate”

Question 54:

Which streaming platform distributed the Reputation stadium tour film?

A. Amazon Prime

B. Disney+

C. Netflix (⭐ Correct)

D. Hulu

Question 55:

Which Reputation track was humorously described by Swift as her “over-the-top villain song,” with a music video previewing a zombie Taylor Swift character?

A. “So It Goes…”

B. “New Year’s Day”

C. “Look What You Made Me Do” (⭐ Correct)

D. “I Did Something Bad”

Question 56:

Which song from Reputation features Taylor Swift hinting at her love for Joe Alwyn by singing, “I want to wear his initial on a chain ’round my neck”?

A. “So It Goes…”

B. “Call It What You Want” (⭐ Correct)

C. “King of My Heart”

D. “Dress”

Question 57:

Which Reputation track has a controversial lyric about Taylor Swift “carving names” into a bedpost?

A. “Dress” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Gorgeous”

C. “I Did Something Bad”

D. “Getaway Car”

Question 58:

What event has been rumored to be where Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn first met as referenced to a Reputation track lyric, “Flashback when you met me, your buzzcut and my hair bleached”?

A. Paris Fashion Week

B. The Oscars

C. Met Gala (⭐ Correct)

D. Coachella

Question 59:

Which Reputation track references a notorious media event, with lyrics like, “And here’s to my baby / He ain’t reading what they call me lately”?

A. “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” (⭐ Correct)

B. “New Year’s Day”

C. “So It Goes…”

D. “Don’t Blame Me”

Question 60:

Which former Fifth Harmony member played as an opening act to Swift’s Reputation stadium tour.

A. Camila Cabello (⭐ Correct)

B. Normani Kordei

C. Dinah Jane Hansen

D. Lauren Jauregui

Taylor Swift Quiz: Lover Version

Question 61:

Transitioning from Reputation to Lover, what was shown bursting out of a snake in the music video opening of Lover’slead single, “ME!”?

A. Flowers

B. Rainbow

C. Butterflies (⭐ Correct)

D. Glitters

Question 62:

In Lover, which track includes lyrics about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn sharing a home and enjoying “Christmas lights up ’til January”?

A. “Cornelia Street”

B. “London Boy”

C. “Lover” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Daylight”

Question 63:

Which Lover song is a fan-favorite that recently hit the top of Billboard Hot 100 4 years after release?

A. “Cruel Summer” (⭐ Correct)

B. “The Man”

C. “I Think He Knows”

D. “Death by a Thousand Cuts”

Question 64:

Which Lover track was widely believed to reference Calvin Harris?

A. “I Forgot That You Existed” (⭐ Correct)

B. “The Archer”

C. “Afterglow”

D. “Cruel Summer”

Question 65:

Which Lover outtake was featured on Taylor Swift’s Netflix documentary, Miss Americana?

A. “Need”

B. “I’d Lie”

C. “Only The Young” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Long Time Going”

Question 66:

Which Lover track references a street in New York City where Taylor and Joe shared memories as a couple?

A. “Wall Street”

B. “Cornelia Street” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Fourth Avenue”

D. “Bowery Street”

Question 67:

Which famous pop star dressed in a hamburger costume made a cameo on one of Lover’s music videos, “You Need To Calm Down”?

A. Selena Gomez

B. Katy Perry (⭐ Correct)

C. Beyoncé

D. Ariana Grande

Question 68:

Which famous fashion figure designed the famous Lover bodysuit for Swift’s The Eras Tour?

A. Donatella Versace (⭐ Correct)

B. Coco Chanel

C. Marc Jacobs

D. Christian Dior

Question 69:

Under which major record label was Lover distributed after her departure from Big Machine Records?

A. Republic (⭐ Correct)

B. Epic

C. Sony

D. Interscope

Question 70:

In Lover, which song includes an ethereal melody and features lyrics like, “I once believed love would be burning red, but it’s golden”?

A. “I Forgot That You Existed”

B. “Daylight” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Paper Rings”

D. “Cruel Summer”

Taylor Swift Quiz: Folklore Version

Question 71:

In an interview, which Folklore track did Taylor Swift reveal as the first song she wrote for the album?

A. “Exile”

B. “My Tears Ricochet” (⭐ Correct)

C. “The 1”

D. “The Last Great American Dynasty”

Question 72:

In which Folklore track did Taylor referenced sending presents to an ex lover’s offspring?

A. “Invisible String” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Seven”

C. “The Last Great American Dynasty”

D. “This Is Me Trying”

Question 73:

Which Folklore song features lyrics that describe a love triangle between three fictional characters the specifically conceptualized for the album?

A. “Illicit Affairs”

B. “Betty” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Cardigan”

D. “August”

Question 74:

In a documentary, Taylor Swift revealed she recorded Folklore in a studio which she personally called _______________.

A. The Quarantine Corner

B. Quaint Cabin Hideout

C. Kitty Committee Studios (⭐ Correct)

D. The Woodvale

Question 75:

Which Folklore track includes a duet with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, with lyrics reflecting a relationship falling apart?

A. “Exile” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Peace”

C. “The Lakes”

D. “My Tears Ricochet”

Question 76:

Which Folklore track references Rebekah Harkness, the previous owner of Swift’s Rhode Island mansion, and her eccentric lifestyle?

A. “The Last Great American Dynasty” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Seven”

C. “Invisible String”

D. “This Is Me Trying”

Question 77:

Which Folklore track serves as a bonus song available on the deluxe version of the album?

A. “Seven”

B. “The Lakes” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Peace”

D. “Hoax”

Question 78:

During the Folklore set in The Eras Tour, which track from the album does she perform as outro to “August” which went viral on TikTok for her emotive delivery given the heavy theme on the song revolving around infidelity?

A. “Cardigan”

B. “The 1”

C. “Illicit Affairs” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Seven”

Question 79:

Fictional characters that Taylor Swift had created in Folklore included James, Inez, and Betty which referenced the names of the babies of one of her closest industry friends, ____________.

A. Martha Hunt

B. Emma Stone

C. Cara Delevigne

D. Blake Lively (⭐ Correct)

Question 80:

Which Folklore track did Taylor Swift reveal was inspired by her grandfather’s, Dean, service in World War II, reflecting on his courage and sacrifice?

A. “Exile”

B. “Epiphany” (⭐ Correct)

C. “My Tears Ricochet”

D. “The Last Great American Dynasty”

Taylor Swift Quiz: Evermore Version

Question 81:

Who was revealed to be William Bowery, the mysterious collaborator on Folklore, during the Evermore documentary, The Long Pond Studio Sessions?

A. Joe Alwyn (⭐ Correct)

B. Jack Antonoff

C. Aaron Dessner

D. Justin Vernon

Question 82:

In Evermore, in which Zee track does she honor her late maternal grandmother?

A. “Dorthea”

B. “Willow”

C. “Gold Rush”

D. “Marjorie” (⭐ Correct)

Question 83:

Which song from Evermore features Swift collaborating with HAIM, where they play sisters plotting revenge after one of them is cheated on?

A. “No Body, No Crime”

B. “No Body, No Crime” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Coney Island”

D. “Ivy”

Question 84:

Which Evermore track describes the sensation of being captivated by a lover and includes the lyrics, “Show me the places where the others gave you scars”?

A. “Willow” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Gold Rush”

C. “Happiness”

D. “Cowboy Like Me”

Question 85:

In Evermore, which track features a collaboration with The National and includes lyrics about a couple drifting apart?

A. “Long Story Short”

B. “Marjorie”

C. “Coney Island” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Dorothea”

Question 86:

Which Evermore song reflects on a romantic partner who doesn’t fully appreciate Swift’s efforts, with lyrics like, “I made you my temple, my mural, my sky”?

A. “Tolerate It” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Ivy”

C. “Closure”

D. “Right Where You Left Me”

Question 87:

Which Evermore song is a nostalgic nod to Swift’s childhood friend?

A. “Dorothea” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Marjorie”

C. “Happiness”

D. “Long Story Short”

Question 88:

During the Eras tour, Which Evermore track explores the metaphor of a fairytale garden gone wrong and features lyrics like, “I’d live and die for moments that we stole”?

A. “Gold Rush”

B. “Champagne Problems”

C. “Ivy” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Cowboy Like Me”

Question 89:

During the Eras tour, which Evermore track does Taylor perform while playing a grass-covered piano?

A. “Gold Rush”

B. “Ivy”

C. “Champagne Problems” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Cowboy Like Me”

Question 90:

Which Evermore tracks served as the two bonus tracks from the deluxe edition of the album?

A. “It’s Time To Go + Right Where You Left Me” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Evermore + Gold Rush”

C. “Closure + Ivy”

D. “Marjorie + Dorothea”

Taylor Swift Quiz: Midnights Version

Question 91:

Which Midnights track served as the album’s lead single?

A. “Midnight Rain”

B. “Anti-Hero” (⭐ Correct)

C. “You’re on Your Own, Kid”

D. “Vigilante Shit”

Question 92:

Which famous pop star was the one and only featured artist in one the tracks on the standard edition of Midnights who Taylor Swift has always regarded as one of her biggest influences?

A. Ice Spice

B. Lana Del Rey(⭐ Correct)

C. Nicki Minaj

D. Ed Sheeran

Question 93:

What notable Billboard record did Midnights achieve on the Billboard charts upon its release?

A. Occupied the entire Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100

B. First album to debut with 1 million units on Billboard 200

C. Occupied the entire Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 (⭐ Correct)

D. Longest-charting album by a female artist

Question 94:

Which major accolade did Taylor Swift win at the 2023 Grammys for Midnights?

A. Album of the Year (⭐ Correct)

B. Best Pop Solo Performance

C. Song of the Year

D. Record of the Year

Question 95:

How many vinyl copies did Midnights sell in its first week, setting a new record for the largest vinyl sales week since Luminate began tracking?

A. 300,000

B. 575,000 (⭐ Correct)

C. 400,000

D. 700,000

Question 96:

Which famous fairytale story inspired the Bejeweled music video off of Midnights?

A. Beauty and the Beast

B. Cinderlla (⭐ Correct)

C. Rapunzel

D. Snow White

Question 97:

What did Taylor Swift call the additional collection of bonus tracks to the standard edition of Midnights which she released shortly 3 hours later?

A. “Sad Hour Edition”

B. “Sleepless Nights Edition”

C. “3 A.M. Edition” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Midnights Mayhem Edition”

Question 98:

In Midnights, which track describes an intense attraction and includes the lyric, “Breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out”?

A. “Snow on the Beach”

B. “Lavender Haze”

C. “Labyrinth” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Sweet Nothing”

Question 99:

Which Midnights track serves as the final song performance on every Eras tour show?

A. “Labyrinth”

B. “Karma” (⭐ Correct)

C. “Sweet Nothing”

D. “Question…?”

Question 100:

Which fun catch phrase does fans chant along the lyrics “By the way, I’m going out tonight” as Taylor performs Bejeweled during the Midnights set on the Eras tour?

A. “Are you going out, Taylor?”

B. “What is it, Taylor?”

C. “Where are you going, Taylor?” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Any plans tonight, Taylor?”

Taylor Swift Quiz: The Tortured Poets Department Version

Question 101:

In The Tortured Poets Department title track, which male pop artist was name dropped and referenced to be deserving of being a bigger artist in the industry?

A. Shawn Mendes

B. Conan Gray

C. Charlie Puth (⭐ Correct)

D. Khalid

Question 102:

Revealed as a double album, what did Taylor call the version of The Tortured Poets Department featuring 15 extra songs?

A. “The Manuscript”

B. “The Logbook”

C. “The Prelude”

D. “The Anthology” (⭐ Correct)

Question 103:

What Grammy-winning achievement did Taylor Swift secure for Midnights just before announcing the release of The Tortured Poets Department?

A. Album of the Year

B. Best Pop Vocal Album (⭐ Correct)

C. Best Country Album

D. Song of the Year

Question 104:

Which vault track from The Tortured Poets Department addresses Taylor Swift’s struggle with the public scrutiny over her dating life?

A. “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?”

B. “But Daddy I Love Him” (⭐ Correct)

C. “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart”

D. “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived”

Question 105:

Which The Tortured Poets Department track reflects Swift’s ability to perform despite her mental health struggles and includes audio samples of her in-ear piece?

A. “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” (⭐ Correct)

B. “Fresh Out The Slammer”

C. “But Daddy I Love Him”

D. “Fortnight”

Question 106:

During the set of The Tortured Poets Department on the Eras tour, which track does Swift perform with the illusion of her levitating across the stage?

A. “Florida!!!”

B. “I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)”

C. “But Daddy I Love Him”

D. “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?” (⭐ Correct)

Question 107:

Which of the following The Tortured Poets Department tracks is widely rumored to be Travis Kelce?

A. “So High School” (⭐ Correct)

B. “I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)”

C. “loml”

D. “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart”

Question 108:

Within the first part of the music video of The Tortured Poets Department’s lead single, Fortnight, in what location was Swift chained up while being attended by a nurse to administer “forget him” pills?

A. Abandoned mansion

B. Garden with dead flowers

C. Asylum (⭐ Correct)

D. Military base

Question 109:

Which The Tortured Poets Department track is believed to be a diss track, addressing Kim Kardashian?

A. “The Bolter”

B. “Clara Bow”

C. “Thank You Aimee” (⭐ Correct)

D. “Cassandra”

Question 110:

What type of place does Swift directly reference in a The Tortured Poets Department song, The Black Dog?

A. A London bar (⭐ Correct)

B. A New York restaurant

C. A Nashville park

D. A Los Angeles wine cellar

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